Right from the inception of the company in 1978, the promoters of Gujarat Hardware Industries have believed that SMEs are the foundation of the overall economic development of the country and have achieved various milestones in the Power and Distribution Transformer Industry, Submersible pump industry as well as Door Locking Industry by manufacturing customized metal parts for the sectors mentioned.

As one of the pioneers in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat Hardware Industries has been one of the largest forging houses with proficiency in nonferrous forging. With a huge range of Brass and Copper Metal parts for various industries, Gujarat Hardware Industries had become one of the leading transformer bushing metal parts providers for majority of the Transformer Industry across India.


To become one of the most trusted and preferred trading houses which offers a unique blend of customized solution, right from sourcing, designing, sampling and reviewed improvisation of the product with complete assurance of quality throughout the process of production chain for various metal industries.


For the growth of any company, values play the most important role. We believe in the following:

• Quality – Never compromise in quality. Every product is critical for somebody.

• Punctuality – Timely delivery is not something to flaunt but something which should be a routine.

• Fair Pricing – In this age of constant industrial revolution, a gap in demand and supply is always observed. Anybody’s urgency is treated in the similar fashion just like a planned dispatch, when it comes to pricing. We are building relations here.

• Earn a client, not a customer – We believe that for any industry, a regular and recurring order is an achievement. The client is always right and we make sure that our deliverables are always satisfactory.